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 Anarchy On Planet Human Life

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So, by what I've seen. I posted the first Chapter from this online around about a year ago and I am pretty sure that it may be the first ever 3-2-1 Penguins Fanfiction to be written and put online. Enjoy:

3-2-1 Penguins!
Anarhcy On Planet Human-Life

Chapter One: An Early Morning Shooting:

For Jason T. Conrad, the average morning at his Grandmother's cottage was always the same: Boring. You see, Jason's view of fun, and his Grandmum's view of fun, were two different things. Completely different things. While Jason was one for Space Adventures, Video Games, and Television, Grandmum's cottage had only one of those things: Space Adventures. But he could only go on those about every four days.
The stuff he COULD do at his Grandmum's cottage was Garden, Make british food, and listen to boring stories aout Grandmum's life back then. Jason was not one for any of those things. You might be thinking to yourself: well at least he at least went SOMEWHERE for summer. I just stayed at home eating Mr. Twisty's Twisted Cheese-Curls, Burger Bell Mustard Chips, and drinking Root Beer while watching re-runs of The Larry-Boy Cartoon Adventures (and that's saying something, because there were only four ever made.) But Jason was looking forward to going to one place, and one place only: Uncle Bob's Space Camp. This place had it all for a Space-loving kid who wants a memorible summer. Sadly, Jason's parents needed a vacation for just the two o them, so Jason and his sister Michelle were stuck at their Grandmum's cottage for summer until August 4th, which is only ten days away from the start of school (Jason would be headed into the third grade.)

There is not much you can do at an Ammusement park camp for ten days, but he was determined to make it worth it. He and Trevor were going to pull all-nighters every night and then the rides will keep them up, so they would make every hour of the 240 hours count.
But sadly, he wasn't there yet. He's only been at grandmum's cottage for three weeks. But then again, a week ago, Jason went on the most epic ride of is life! It all started out as...

Jason woke up early in the morning. He looked out the window. "Drat," he said to himself. "It's still dark out." He tried to go back to sleep, but he had slept for twelve hours straight last night! He couldn't do anything. He put on his glasses and crept out the doorway of his room. Walking downstairs wasn't easy, mostly because the stairs would creek. He got into the living room, took a flashlight off of the shelf, and then flipped it on to see where he was going. He found the chair and jumped ontop of it. He stood on the arm of it to reach a blue plastic space-ship with four penguin figurines in it from the top (which was supposed to be in the attic, but it landed there by mistake, and Jason has been trying to get it down ever since.)

Unfourtuantly, Michelle had out a pen on that same arm of the chair he was standing on top of, and then he slipped on it and plummeted down onto the floor. He obviously made a loud noise, so Jason closed his eyes in horror (and maybe even pain.)

Luckily, he heard nothing get up. He Knew he couldn't reach the ship by himself, he needed something to get it down...like a dart!
Jason crept upstairs with his flashlight. He didn't bother to turn on the light to the stairway on because he needed not to be noticed.

"What are you doing?" a voice asked. Jason let out a meadeorcer yell and then stumbled backwards. He was out to go fall down the stairway and maybe even crack his skull, but an arm pulled him back up. He shined his flashlight at the direction the voice came from.

"Michelle," Jason said. "Please, just go back to bed. I was just getting something." Michelle thought it must have been a drink of water or something, so she went back upstairs, and so did he. He laid in bed for fifteen minutes until he was sure his sister was asleep. He took her pillow and his an went back downstairs with them. He flipped on the lightswitch and then threw the pillows right under the shelves.

Jason took a dart and made a first throw...nothing. The dart didn't even reach the top of the shelves. He tried again, nothing! He knew that if he didn't throw nice and easily, it could damage the china on the shelves, but he couldn't get the dart to hit the ship if he was throwing like that! "All I need is something that can get up there, shoot hard, but can also aim so that I don't hit anything else on that shelf."

He got into the kitchen, and pulled out a water bottle with only a tiny bit of water in it. He dumped the water into the sink and then went back out into the living room of the cottage. "Now, something that can help this thing aim, so I don't break any of Grandmum's fine china."
He found a cardboard box that used to hold a Turbo 3,000. He found a pair of scissors and started to cut at the box until he made a small obect that he could use to aim at the ship. He did a test first, he put a six-inch ball on the couch and then started to twist the water-bottle until it was ready to launch. He made the aimer go a bit further up than the ball to get a direct hit, and then when he fired the cap bounced off the ball and Jason surprisingly caught it. Now, the water-bottle mechanism would be a sure sucsess! He twisted it up again, and then he was about to fire until-

"HA!" The loud sound of Michelle's voice startelled Jason and he shot the cap about eight inches below his directed area, and it shot at a plate with a famous singer on the front of it.

Two things were going on in Jason's mind right now, One: NOOOOO! Two: Hmm, I thinik I've seen footage of something sorta like this before. The first one is the one that was more powerful. The cap bounced off of the plate, and then hit it again. The plate fell off of the shelf and landed right untop of the pillows. It was safe!

"What did you do?" asked Michelle. "You almost broke Grandmum's plate!"

"Me?" asked Jason. "You're the one who messed up my aim!"

"But you could've told me what you were doing and I might not have tried to figure it out myself!" Michelle commented.

"I didn't figure you'd care! Besides, you could have waited until after I shot the cap to jump out and yell!"


"Listen," Jason said. "Maybe it was both of our faults. But you look tired and I think you should get to sleep. You didn't go to bed until one oclock last night! I know because I woke up for a brief moment."

Michelle yawned. "Maybe your right." She climbed back up the stairs.

"Peace and quiet!" Jason said to himself. He knew that the bottle was almost worn out. He only had one shot left to get the ship and the figures inside it off of the shelf. He blew into the bottle, put the cap back on, and twisted it up until he thought it was ready to fire! "Wait!" He said. He moved the plate, afraid that the ship would fall onto it and it would break for real that time!
He cracked his head and aimed the bottle and the cap at the ship again. FIRE! The cap blasted into the air and hit the ship in the center. Jason thought that the ship was going to fall, but it didn't, instead, the cap blasted back and ricochet off of the opposite wall. It hit wall behind the ship, and then that blasted to it. It is better when it hits it from behind, the ship fell off of the shelf...though it flew a little further than he would have hoped. It was going to miss the pillows! It started to plummet to the ground...but right before it touched the floor, the lid was shut, Jason couldn't see the figures, and it was hovering right above the ground.

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Anarchy On Planet Human Life
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