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PostSubject: Strangely Penguin   Strangely Penguin Icon_minitimeSun Oct 27, 2013 4:08 pm

This is a small fanfiction drabble short about Zidgel trying to pick up chicks.

Zidgel was admiring himself in the mirror, looking at his smooth hair and winking playfully to...well...himself. "Oh, you are so sharp that you just pierced the mirror!" He jumped up and once he came down a pose was frozen on the vain Penguin's body. He put his flippers under his hair-do and flung it back, right before falling back into it's original position perfectly.

Like...really perfectly.

He strolled out of the room and plopped himself down on the captain's chair. His eyes would shine in the light of the stars coming to him down from the sunroof. He smiled a fabulous smile and looked towards the rest of his crew. "How is the next mission, crew?" Zidgel asked in his breathtakingly beautiful voice.

"Coming up on Planet MixNCret in approximately half an hour," First Officer Midgel said. Midgel, while having some great attributes, was not quite as dashing as the fantastic captain. His hair was messy, his body was sort, and his beak was much too wide. Zidgel heard more aliens flirt with Midgel more than himself, but it is obviously true that the only reason is because they were too afraid to ask him anything because no matter what, he was out of their league.

Fidgel was a scrawny, little penguin who was less than interested in the female gender. He was more focused on his experiments than finding someone to be with.

And Kevin was...well...Kevin.

Zidgel en-hailed the air of the ship right before they were finally on their way to their next mission. The next mission that would feature him leading his crew with all of his amazing talents...

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PostSubject: Re: Strangely Penguin   Strangely Penguin Icon_minitimeSun Jul 02, 2017 8:58 pm


It was the kind kind of day that made you happy to be alive. The stars lined up perfectly and the cold air of space perfectly kept out of the ship. The great, amazing, Captain Zidgel's head was rested on his shoulder, sound asleep. Suddenly, the alarm went off.

"THE BANDICOOT KING MADE ME DO IT!" Zidgel jumped out of his chair and realized where he was. "
Oh..um..." Zidgel looked at Midgel. "Officer, what is the problem?"

"Ask Fidgel." The pilot responded.

"Doctor, what is the problem?"

"I don't know..." Fidgel said, pulling a lever to get the screen behind the captain's chair to turn on. It was only static."

"Kevin! What is the problem?"

"Ship go..." Kevin took his hand and made a throat slicing motion.

"That's impossible," Zidgel said. "The only way the ship would truly be dead is if lights and engines went out." Zidgel spoke with confidence. Right after he finished his statement, the lights went out and the engines started to slow down.

"You just had to talk didn't you," Midgel said. The ship then started to plummet. Zidgel, who was the only one not holding onto anything, flew back into his chair, which automatically strapped the captain down with a seat belt.

Midgel spoke up once again," Guys, I have a back-up power source in the closet, see if one of you can get it."

"Good idea Midgel," Zidgel said with sarcasm. "Maybe Fidgel can just put on his heat vision goggles and sensation find the closet.

"I'm making my way to the closet, Midgel," Fidgel said said after activating a heat signature sensor feature on his glasses. Zidgel's face dropped...luckily for his no one else in the ship could see it. Fidgel held onto a nearby lever and used it to keep him on the ground, for the gravity in the ship was slowly decreasing. "It's going to be hard though," he said. "The closet is on the other side of the the room." Fidgel tried to grab the captain's chair, but he grabbed Zidgel's arm instead, who threw the scientist into the air after feeling the touch.

"Who goes there?" he said. Fidgel put his flipper to his head.

"That was me, Captain. Thanks to you, I now have nothing to hold onto."

"Oh, sorry. It's just...you know...the dark. Scary stuff." Fidgel felt his back hit the top of the ship.

"Weeeeeeeee!" Kevin exclaimed, bouncing into the doctor and then pushing his way closer to the floor, right before right back up into the air.

"Wait," Fidgel said. "Kevin. See if you can toss me to the side and down a little bit." Kevin did so, and Fidgel grabbed the closet opening button. He pushed it in after holding onto the side of the door. He pulled himself closer to the closet, and finally he found himself inside of the small space. "I found something, Fidgel said. It's giving off a lot of radiation."

"That must be it," Midgel said. "Turn of the torch on the side of it."


"A button on the side...a makeshift flashlight." Fidgel did so and the closet was filled with light that leaked out to the ship. He picked it up.

"What now?"

"Plug it into the outlet next to you computer, then push the red button on the top. Fidgel pushed it over, it floating the the space of the ship and he continued to do so until they were on the other side of the room.

"Fidgel...Fidgel!" Zidgel said.

"What. Captain." Fidgel said without the slightest bit of enthusiasm.

"You look like an earth penguin."

Fidgel sighed and then used his feet to push him towards the computer, where he grabbed a lever to pull him and the device close to the ground. Fidgel plugged in the device and then turned it on.


The device slammed into the floor, and Fidgel did too, hitting his head on it on the way down. The lights were on, the gravity was on, and the ship's engines began to cause it to fly forward.

"Doctor!" Zidgel exclaimed. "Are you okay?" The penguin gave no response. "Doctor!?" Zidgel unbuckled himself and kneeled down beside the penguin. "Midgel! Kevin! Someone needs to call a doctor doctor!"

"What?" Midgel said.

"Fidgel...he's unconcious. Zidgel looked at his gloved hand. It was covered in red liquid. "And...he's bleeding." Zidgel looked into the covered eyes of the penguin. "Don't...don't die on us!"
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